Spread ads with Google Adsense

Monetize your website with Google Adsense
January 15, 2017
How does Google Ad Sense work?
January 19, 2017

Spread ads with Google Adsense

How To Advertise  on Google Adsense

Now we are going to learn, how to place ads on Google Adsense. The first thing to do is log into your Google account and go to your Google Adsense interface.

Go to the interface for creating a new advertisement. Google Adsense asks  the name of the advertisement that  you want to create. You can enter the name whatever you want, but make sure the  name is easily  identified the  advertisement. Google Adsense then asks you the format you want to give your ad. The service recommends four formats, which are usually recognized to be the best performers:

Format                                              Dimension

Rectangle Medium                           300×250

Rectangle Large                                 336×280

Leaderboard                                      728×90

Skyscraper                                         160×600

Google Adsense then asks you what type of advertising you want to display. You can decide to display either a 100% textual advertisement or a 100% rich media advertisement (image, sound, video …), or a text and rich media advertising. Finally, Google Adsense will offer you a feature to customize the display of your advertisement. As we will discuss later in this chapter, I advise you to copy here the color palette present in your CSS so that your advertising integrates as best as possible to your website.

Google Adsense then offers you to save your advertising. Once your ad backed up, Google Adsense automatically generates JavaScript code to place in your website. Once the code is placed, your ad appears and you can start making money through Adsense.

I suggest you go check out the video of the official channel on Youtube Google Adsense . They may be a bit more useful for you.

The ban on Google Adsense

I was banned from Google Adsense, and now?

 It is not unusual to see your Google account banned from Google Adsense. If this is your case, you will first receive a mail from Google informing you of the ban of your account. Then, if you try to access your Google Adsense interface, this error message will be displayed


Quote: Google Adsense

The AdSense account that corresponds to this login is currently disabled. We recommend that you check your inboxes to see if you have not received a message from us about the status of your account. Sometimes our messages are blocked by mail filters. Therefore, also verify that our message is not in the spam folder of your e-mail accounts.

If your account has been disabled due to invalid clicks, please see our Deactivation FAQ page for more information.

As I told you, the banishment of Google Adsense is a banishment for life and nominative. You will not be able to re-enter the program.

Be aware that you are also free to contact Google Adsense directly for additional information about your banishment … however, be aware that you will not be given any details. Indeed, Google refuses to communicate on its tools for tracking fraudulent accounts. You will only receive a polite answer but will not give you any additional information about your ban. Google generally refers to fraudulent clicking activities. Understand that you are being blamed for clicking your own ads by yourself, or that you have invited your friends to visit your site only to do so. From then on you will not be able to defend your position: the exchange is usually closed by this response from Google.

So I’m not banned, but I’m not given any motive, I can not defend myself, and I can not get back into the program?

That’s exactly it, it’s very typical, but it’s how Google Adsense works. Maybe you did not need to, but Google spotted you as the owners of a fraudulent account, and you were banned. It’s sad, but it’s like that, and no one can make sure you’re back in the program. It’s like a big gray machine, well oiled, and unstoppable. Once you’re banned, you have to accept it. If you read the full Google Adsense rules carefully, you will have to agree to subscribe to the program that Google bans you at any time without explanation …

Do not do anything and do not play with fire. Once your ads are up, leave them well in their corner and do not click it, even to test them .

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