How does Google Ad Sense work?

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January 17, 2017
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January 19, 2017

How does Google Ad Sense work?

How to create income through traffic generated on your site, other than by selling? How does the Google advertising network works with Google Ad Sense?  You will know while reading this article!

A little history

Google AdSense was born in June 2003 a few years after  Google Adwords . Until then, the  publication of the advertisements on the websites was by agreements negotiated between Google and webmasters interested websites. SMEs were not involved because sites with less than 20 million page views were not allowed to participate.

But Google quickly understood the interest to set up an automated system that would allow any website to publish advertising on its pages. Google AdSense was born!

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the  advertising network of Google . In short,  Google AdSense  allows all websites to publish their pages of advertising in the form of  banner ads  (text, image, video clickable).But where it gets interesting is that  Google AdSense  allows you to  monetize your traffic. In other words, every time a user browsing your site clicks on one of these banners, you earn money!

How does Google AdSense work?

Google AdSense offers its users a range of advertising banners to place on their site. Until then, it’s pretty basic. But the strength of this service lies in the fact that you do not need to choose which ads should appear. This is how Google will analyze your website and determine which banners should be placed so that they are relevant to the content you are editing.

Ex: the deco blog, Decocrush. This blog publishes many articles on the theme of decoration (trends, beautiful apartments, decorating tips …).

Google AdSense has chosen advertising banners related to decoration: sale of fixtures, garden furniture Each time a visitor clicks on one of these banners, you earn a certain amount depending on the cost per click chosen by the advertiser.

And yes because Google AdSense is so to speak the Siamese twin of Google Adwords. One does not live without the other. Thus, advertisers who chose the paid listings on display  (display banners on websites) pay part of the amount paid to AdSense subscribers site publishers. The rest is perceived by Google through a commission.

For information, Google AdSense accounted for 28% of Google’s revenue in 2011, almost $ 10 billion!


Does Google AdSense really make money?

It all depends on the amount and nature of your website traffic

Many websites based part of their strategy to monetize their traffic on the  revenue generated by Google AdSense . So it works!

But there are many parameters that are relevant to the case:

The  amount of traffic generated  by your site

The  number of visitors who click  on these ads

The  cost per click  that the advertiser has chosen to pay

If you have between 30 and 40 visitors per day on your site, you can win up to 30 dollars per month. The main key is that your website shoud be able to generate good traffic that is also targeted (visitors interested in a specific subject will be more likely to click on the banners related to this topic).

So work on your keywords and your content as both attracts more visitors and allow  Google AdSense to display ads relevant to your business.

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