How to configure Google Adsense on your blog

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January 19, 2017
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November 13, 2017

How to configure Google Adsense on your blog

Who has not dreamed of winning, easy, money with his blog, see monthly get checks of several hundred euros, see, to supplement your income?
It’s true that the great era of easy income with Adsense has long passed, but there are ways to make money, not enough to buy a sports car anyway, but enough to s offer one or two restaurants per month.

Today I will guide you through how to set up Google Adsense on your site.

There are many other networks like Google AdSense that you can use for placing ads on your site,
Bing AdsBitvertiser and  BuySellAds are some examples of networks that work similarly to Google AdSense.

To get an account on these networks, you need:

Each ad network has different requirements.
Some require you to have a minimum of monthly visitors to become “editor”, others are more lenient.

See you on the site
Google Adsense  and click the “Start with Adsense.”
You must have a Google Account, a website or a blog in which to place ads, and a mailing address to receive your checks.

Follow the setup process and wait for a confirmation of acceptance of Google or reject your application.
This may take a few days.

You might be tempted to use a plugin for Google AdSense, when you receive your acceptance, but I always prefer to do without, if I can, because it is unnecessary to add plugin.

Depending on the theme you use, you may have to use a plugin for your ads to be placed correctly in some areas outside the sidebar and footer.
Everything depends on the widget areas.

There are three places you can consider putting your ads:

It is important not to forget mobile devices.
In some cases, mobile ads are very annoying for your readers because they are not aligned properly, or they make it impossible to scroll the content without having to close the boxes.

There are mobile plugin that work with ad networks and allow you to convert your site into an adaptive site for ads.
If your theme is adaptive, it means that the side bar will disappear from the screen to be placed after the text on mobile. In this tutorial we will take as an example a code of adaptive ad.

Now we will place the code on your site. Once completed, you will return to the AdSense site and create two ad units. You can choose the large vertical ad for your sidebar, and a smaller horizontal ad for your content.
Sample code for an adaptive ad:

You can use the same code adaptive ad and place the three locations selected because the code is designed to adjust for the size of the screen, or create three sets ‘separate ads for which you can follow the performances individually, what I recommend.

If you hesitate in the ad size to choose, Google offers
ad sizes Guide , which presents the different ads, with full size viewing and provides appropriate advice.

If your theme does not have widgets available area before the content, you can install a plugin that will help you place your ads.

The plugin offer different options to automatically put your copde in different locations on your webpage.
Some even all the work for you, all you have to do is enter your AdSense ID.

I strongly recommend you to edit your PHP files to insert the code provided by Google, this is the way

Most themes have areas widget in the sidebar to copy your AdSense code.

A website grows and develops, it becomes necessary to use different plugin.
There are some things you can not do without the help of a plugin. I’m not an “anti-plugin ‘, but I know better your pluginsur your site, it becomes more vulnerable to infections, malicious software, bugs, and of course, it significantly slows down the loading (the announced death a site begins with a time too long loading e).

Why recommend the use of a plugin for something as simple as placing an ad when you can just place the code manually, saving me the trouble of running an additional plugin?

The two best things that a beginner blogger can do are:

These two tips will help you avoid headaches and frustration.

I would like you to make me your ideas in the comments below about Google Adsense.
Are you for or against? Do you use other ad networks? If yes, which ones?

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