View related articles with or without plugin

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November 13, 2017
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November 13, 2017

View related articles with or without plugin

See related articles is an effective way of suggesting your visitors to browse your site and stay there. This can help decrease your bounce rate, increasing the number of page views and also increase your AdSense revenue, if you thought about it.
The more your players consume your content, the more likely they are to become loyal to your work. These people are more likely to share your articles on social networks, return to your blog regularly, and, ultimately, become paying customers, if you sell or the promotion for products.

There are two ways to add related items, you can use a plugin or do without.

Using too plugin may pose security risks to your WordPress blog.
At worst, they can prevent your blog run. Some plugins are not compatible, and add too much plugin can slow down your blog. To avoid this problem, you can view related articles using a snippet of code, simple to implement.

Just paste the code below into the file `single.php` to where you want to see your related items.

Open your favorite FTP client (eg
FileZilla ). When you are connected to your accommodation, go to the theme folder ( wp-content/themes/votre_theme) and download the file single.php on your desktop, make a backup copy also has another location for safety.

The backup is done, we can continue.

Then open the file single.php with your favorite text editor, such as  Notepad ++ , and copy / paste the code below at the end of the file.

Save the changes and close the file.
Then download the file
single.php in the theme folder of your site, overwriting the existing file.

It’s over!

As you can see, there ”s nothing complex to paste a snippet of code into the file 
single.php for those who are not afraid to put their hands in the code. For others, there remains the plugin solution.

One of the great advantages of using WordPress is arguably the plugin.
The WordPress plugin cover almost everything you may need, add features and optimize your blog for search engines, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Now, as mentioned above, if you use too plugin can slow or even block your site.
However, used appropriately, the plugin are very powerful.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a useful plugin that provides a list of posts / pages related to the displayed item, and informs visitors that the content is relevant to your site.
The following features are included in YARPP:

[/ su_list]

[url = su_button “ / yet-another-related-posts-plugin / “target =” blank “background =” # 2d89ef “size =” 7 “center =” yes “radius =” 20 “] Download YARPP [/ su_button]


If you have trouble to keep your readers on your site, add related items on your website is a proven way to get visitors to stay.
This will result in more page views, more time spent on your site visitor, and a reduced bounce rate.

Perhaps more importantly, a more user views content on your site, the more it will be able to enjoy the articles you write.
This can also boost subscriptions, shares, and even the conversion rate, roughly, as profits!

Show you the related articles on your site?
If so, have you noticed a change in the behavior of your readers? Thank you for giving us your opinion in the comments below.

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For related articles, I recommend you think about the images that illustrate the thumbnail articles and selected.
There are a lot of A / B tests which show that this type of navigation is completely intuitive, and therefore appealed to emotions.

Hello Simon,

Great idea, everyone should think about.

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