Associate your recruitment policy with your SEO

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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Associate your recruitment policy with your SEO

A recruitment campaign is usually worked with the human resources department or directly with the boss, according to company size. Now it turns out that in the field of web, some recruitment can be visible to the public and can help SEO and even the online reputation of your website.

Since the update Google Penguin and disavowal tool links, Google is much more demanding on the strategy of inbound links.
The job of SEO to adapt, as always, Google’s requirements. There is an honest and credible way to get backlinks which is simply to get from recruitment sites.

There are several sites that allow to put a link, just to name a few: remixjobs, 
Alsacreations  or webijob. Of course, there are specialized recruitment sites by trade, material to satisfy almost everyone.

While the links are nofollow sometimes, but it’s always good to take.
And in any case, it is possible to analyze the sites before posting an ad to add a link.

Important: on some sites, the link will be deleted once the ad has disappeared.

Place recruitment ads with your company name, it is also an indirect method to improve online reputation.
Sometimes recruitment sites are monopolized and appear in good position in Google search results on the name of your brand. Therefore, it reflects the image of a positive business and in a good financial position since it search new employee.

Publish content on the web always leaves traces.
Sometimes we do not think to remove the ads, and even removing some ads recruitment sites retain the “business” page with the list of old Offerings.

Therefore, one way or another there is potentially still users who see your company looking for employees to join the ranks of employees.

Some trades are sometimes a bit special and deserves to communicate on the subject.
Did you know for example that the profession of “Responsible Care” exists? The Jimdo company, located in Hamburg, Germany recruited such an employee and take the opportunity to communicate the culture of well-being in their company. The press release of the company had good benefits and allowed to be taken over by a dozen websites, generating good visibility and natural links.

Tell us your experience in the comments, they are there for.

This is an excellent article.

I love this article.

Thank you for sharing .

A very good idea even if it is already quite common at present.

Yes, but recruit a “Welfare Officer” it was mainly to make a shot of buzz and appear on the web, it is still forced to recruit for positions uncommon to hear of our recruitments the Internet!

Good tips, I knew it was not that easy to get backlinks from recruitment sites.

Thanks for sharing!


Although it is a practice increasingly common, it does not remain the least interesting.

All companies can not seek to publish ads “buzz” but the idea of recruiting while improving SEO is not negligible!

Very good article that gives the tracks of content and backlinks!

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