Bing Webmaster Tools becomes useful for SEO

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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Bing Webmaster Tools becomes useful for SEO

Bing Webmaster Tools have long been unhelpful and rather poor practical information. Since little data is even expanding and becoming useful to improve the SEO of a website. This article reveals some news that useful.

Do not deny it, the new functionality is very similar to what already exists on Google Webmaster Tools.
Hey, speaking of that, it’s fun to know that this tool was called “Bing Webmaster Center” but it now takes lefdgf name ”
Bing Webmaster Tools .” In your opinion, pure chance that it is a copy of the name Google tools (see Google Webmaster Tools)?

SEO on Bing is about 5% market share of search engines in France, 3% and 1.5% for Bing to Yahoo Bing that retrieves data.
Compared Google is meanwhile nearly 90% market share of search engines in France.

At first sight these tools are not too useful when have know that Bing is so little interest in the field of research in France.
But in reality these tools are also useful to improve the SEO on Google.

Tools are classified in 3 tabs: one regards indexing, one for SEO and last for about site traffic.

This part focuses on the indexing of pages in the search engine.
In other words, adding and updating pages. There are many tools in this section:

The “SEO” offers tools linked on the links and pages to be indexed or not.
There are the following services:

This category contains information about the combined traffic from Bing and Yahoo.
We find the same tool that Google indicating the number of pages printed associated with the number of click on the ad.

This information reveals whether a page is often clicked in search results of Bing and Yahoo.
If this is not the case, it is interesting to change the title and description tag to see if it encourages more people to click.

What is useful is to see the keywords that gives traffic to a page compared to the number of printed page in the search engine.
This will favor certain keywords in an SEO campaign.


We agree, Bing tools are rich and some are giving information that no other competitor was proposing far.
It is a new resource to consider when an SEO campaign, even if SEO on Bing is not a priority. Feel free to give your opinion in the comments.

Thank you for this article!

Google should build some tools that would help not hurt.

Thank you, this will give me the opportunity to look into it, unfortunately bing brings me very little traffic …

it will be well worth it now that tool working.

Interesting tools.
For cons, I have not found a way to access it from the home page of Bing. So thank you for putting a direct link.

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