Do not use Title 1 in WordPress anymore!

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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Do not use Title 1 in WordPress anymore!

WordPress is a very popular CMS and relatively well designed for a good SEO (even if there are flaws). To optimize its SEO must start well use this tool, starting with the use of the visual editor (WYSIWYG editor) WordPress.

Basic, the editor allows you to insert titles and several levels of headings.
Any novice will tend to use the “Title 1” the editor to his titles and “Title 2” for the headings.

However, this small innocuous action is actually an error.
This is bad for SEO and the semantic aspect of your articles. In fact, if your WordPress theme is well designed, the “Title 1” is the title of the article you write. And in the field of SEO you should use a single “Title 1” (the HTML <h1> tag).

Consequently, the titles in your articles must be designed with the “Title 2”, which is none other than the HTML <h2>. While the headings should be done with “Title 3” (<h3> tag).  It is possible to use multiple <h2> and several <h3> in a page.

All the advice previously explained involved that your theme is well optimized for SEO.
To see if this is the case we must view the HTML source code and search (Ctrl + F) on the <h1> tag. Ideally, it should be the title of your article.

Warning , the WordPress core theme uses the <h1> for the title of the blog. So all pages have exactly the same keywords in the <h1> tag. It is useless, because it requires that each page is optimized for a specific term.

Do not hesitate to call a developer friend,
learn the basics of HTML or pay a web agency to design a customized and optimized template.


it seemed obvious to those receiving a minimum in SEO.

And again, I saw a site of a pseudo SEO which put the H1 each title paragraph, because visually it was prettier (CSS issue poorly mastered).

Nevertheless, a good reminder to

@ Loran750: amazing.
It is shameful that this is a downright specialist SEO company who commit such an error.

If I was pushed to write this article is because of a mini-introduction to WordPress which I attended where the speaker advocated loudly that he had to use “Title 1” in its title for a good SEO.

This recommendation is also valid if you use Drupal;
Joomla, it will depend on how you have set management items. Also check the template used because it sometimes contains in the header.


thank you for your article.

I think a typo not

“The basic WordPress theme uses the fuck”



@ Arnaud: Yes it is true
🙂but I see that the slip was corrected.

It’s true that it’s scary.
I myself am SEO consultant and my blog even out those nasty h1 tags with the name of the blog. As they say, shoemakers are the worst shoes ….

If not for WordPress, WordPress SEO plugin is a great tool for SEO better than allinSEO.

Easy to use and no need to touch the code!

I’m currently in the middle creating a WordPress blog, and I face the same problem mentioned at the end, ie the blog title is H1 (and the subtitle / slogan H2) and is taken over all the pages.

The finding is one thing, the repair is another when you are not SEO developer.
A simple solution?

Otherwise, to the problem of having multiple H1 on a page, it’s not great, but it is less severe at the time of HTML5 ( h1-on-a-page-sacrilege-or-opportunity / ), but have an identical H1 on all pages by cons …


anyway it’s not complicated:

Respect the hierarchy of titles (H1 and H2)

and use only one H1 tag page.

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