Reflection on SEO partnerships

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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Reflection on SEO partnerships

There is little time I began to think a little about the modern partnership , those that are can be found today. They are very different partnerships that have could find the beginning of Google because it’s just this great search engine that dictates the course of action of the main webmasters.

In the early days of Google, webmasters have realized that to have an improved
PageRank had to get the most popular links to his site. Thus the birth of partnerships emerged. At the time when two websites would make a link exchange, they were watching that PageRank .

In other words, webmasters first looked PageRank and then he began the link exchange.
This led to a perverse effect of some webmasters who wanted to do link exchanges that from a PageRank.

The worst response we could then hear is: ”
Come back when you have a PageRank 5 “. รง)

Of course things have changed along with the questioning of Google PageRank.

You may know, Google now looks less PageRank to focus more and more quality to the popularity of the pages.
Therefore, this famous search engine analyzes the content to find out various things, including the theme of a page of a site.

Therefore, if a page on the duck breast is a link to a site on computers, Google will understand that this is not a true link quality and will minimize the effect of this link.

It is crystal clear that Google does not like the governed that pays Internet users by placing a link on their site against compensation only for the recipient site boasts a small increase PageRank.

Indeed, Google does not want there to have a buissness and too much cheating that would change the results of Google.
The results should give relevant results without there I need to pay to improve the popularity of its site.

So if Google gets to see that a site is link exchanges with regulated decommission it in the results.
: !!!:

When a webmaster is a true partnership between two websites, it may need to ask questions.

In the previous chapter I explain that the exchange of links from authority can be penalized, so it is natural to think that any webmasters or bloggers who want to please a boyfriend blog can have some problems with Google.
It is free to think that Google may well be wrong and decommission a site that does not deserve it. : x:

In fact, many blogs are of mutual links between them to improve their visibility, especially if their visitors may be interested in the blog “buddy”.

I do not know if you know, but now placing the link on all pages no longer gives much PageRank before.
Before, it was very beneficial, but now instead it is better to have a link on a genuine content page with an average PageRank, rather than having a link in the footer of every site.

The explanation for this is that it is necessary to believe Google that you make a real page with a real link, not a vulgar “partnership” page where you make a list of sites.
Therefore, be careful when doing a link exchange to be sure you actually go win.

On the official website of InfoWebMaster, I wrote a full article on a
good partner page . With the help of this article you will know if you are a fair exchange or if you get scammed.

Using the item just above, you quickly understand that the modern webmasters spend a lot of time analyzing the site to which they want to partner to find out if it’s worth it and if not not one of the two sites that will most help the other.

Now, we must not only look at PageRank, but there are other factors to consider such as:

The above list is probably not exhaustive, there are too many factors to consider.
Now link exchange takes time and probably some webmasters question their partnership time to time by visiting their partners to see what has happened since the partnership began.

It’s crazy what partenaraits can be complicated nowadays.
Worst of all is that you sometimes explain to partner some rules on SEO. Likewise we must give them advice for the partnership to be optimum, but do you see contact a webmaster to say:

Hello, I have a partenarait with you, but you do not seem very good at SEO, I’ll explain how should look your partner page.

Admittedly, this is fesable, but relations with the partner not necessarily begin on a very good foundation.
Anyway, I am strengthened in my belief that the modern partnership remains complicated. : x:

“Hello, I would like to partner with you, but you do not seem very good at SEO, I’ll explain how should look your partner page.

If seeing is how he must speak: Nevertheless, thanks to you I realized the importance of a good partnership and this series of articles on the blog so that the site InfoWebMaster of me are greatly helpful

Thank you!

Thank you
Maigret .๐Ÿ™‚

Obviously you is right, webmasters good websites are quite understandable and to make a good partnership should not hesitate to go to the pellet: !!!:

I am delighted to have helped you, and I ‘ hope it will benefit other webmasters.

When looking for a bit on my
partner page InfoWebMaster you can experience my first partnership with a few little site … fan of pub . : grr:

It’s good to remember his mistakes from time to time.
: x:

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