SEMvisu The French tool to analyze and optimize SEO / SEA campaigns

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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017

SEMvisu The French tool to analyze and optimize SEO / SEA campaigns

The SEMvisu site, published by the same company that designed MyPoseo is a tool intended for SEO and web marketing specialist to analyze and optimize SEO campaigns and AdWords campaigns. This article discusses this tool and offers to win 3 Premium licenses.

This tool recovers for over a year the page ranking in Google results.
The results of nearly 14 million hits were recorded. This is a backup of nearly 10 million domains that are performed.

This data is then used to provide information and statistics to users through several menus:

SEMvisu is useful for web professionals such as SEO or web marketing specialists.
The data collected can be used for various purposes, such as:

The feature list is obviously not exhaustive and it is up to everyone to make good use of available data.

After testing SEMvisu, I must admit that it is a source of useful and truly practical data.
Information can actually help improve SEO or SEA in concrete cases. In addition, the interface is cleverly designed to make it quick and easy to find information. For example, by analyzing a keyword, it is possible to discover a competitor, then a click on the domain name of the competitor, it is possible to analyze the SEO or estimated traffic.

As you can see from this small screenshot, the interface is fun to use and really multi-information.

In some cases, the search for unpopular or relatively new terms, the tool had no results to offer.
But the strength of SEMvisu is to record these new keywords to start analyzing them. In the coming days the data related to keywords will be harvested and it will be possible to have the requested information. This allows SEMvisu (or will eventually) to be almost as complete as SEMrush, US rival.

Feel free to test the tool to discover for yourself the capabilities of SEMvisu.
This tool works on the principle of freemium. The tool is free but limited to certain results. To unlock all must use a premium account (from 59 € / month). You can test the tool just for 1 month if you wish and terminate after (handy if you have specific needs).

For readers of this blog, SEMvisu offers to
win 3 Premium licenses SEMbasic a value of 800 €!

To participate, you have 3 possibilities:

Only one comment per person will be selected.
Only one re-tweet per person will be selected. You can leave a comment and make a RT on Twitter to have more chance of winning. A
random number generator will be used to select winners. The contest will end on November 7 at 20h.
To put the odds on your side, it is advise to comment interesting and RT article on Twitter. Good luck to all.

Thank you for this detailed presentation of SEMvisu tool!
It’s good to have efficient SEM tools developed by French companies!


I will very quickly test this tool freemium because it appears to be very effective from what I read and above all it is a French tool, which is not displease me .
I hope I would be seduced!

Thank you for sharing.
If I am only interested in monitoring the position of my keywords, is it better to move on or stay on SEMvisu Myposeo?

@Zak: Hello, to monitor the positioning of your pages on Google to be used Myposeo.
SEMvisu is a tool for finding keywords or analyze the positioning of the site on keywords (but with track positioning less suitable). Feel free to test the 2 to see the feature that seems most appropriate.


The tool Semvisu is truly unique in terms of the SEA (even in free version).
It is true that it is frustrating not to have access to all data and quickly tried to move to the paid version.

SEO I use other tools that I find best (probably used)

in SEA I find relatively accurate information eg the minimum and maximum budget for sites with significant expenses.
The data are “approximate” for sites spending small amounts on sponsored links.

The site is still in the making and I think they should improve QSF and especially search engine.
So I wanted to know over what period was presented the maximum budget (one year or more). A maximum budget on search gives “Sorry nothing matched your search criteria”

Thank you for this article.

Good tool but unfortunately not obvious to test free version it is clear … but very beautiful graphically speaking interface.
In any case I hope it has come to stand out relative to the competition. What is certain is that I can not afford all the tools at the same time! So a little help before Christmas would be very nice 🙂

I always wanted to use SEMrush, but I and the English that’s two, so happy to know that there is for French, it’s going much interested

Hi Tony,

Thanks for this return.
I did not know SEMvisu. About me, the tool already has an advantage over the competition because it is French. I’ll test in free mode to see the various features it has.

Good tool but it would be good to know whether the data come from the SEMRush API for more transparency because the results are almost identical on SEMrush.

Reviews have mostly positive air about this tool.
I will test. Thank you for the info !

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