[SEO Test] Multiple anchors on one page

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November 13, 2017
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November 21, 2017

[SEO Test] Multiple anchors on one page

In little over present on the site InfoWebMaster has already been present in the importance of links, however there are some small details that beginners do not know. A test was conducted to know the importance of links on a page. At the conclusion of this test (if there is no error) you probably will learn interesting things, even some SEO professionals.

It must still all readers have the basis for understanding this test.
This is why I recommend reading the article ”
important anchor links“. As a quick summary, I’ll just point out that the anchor of a link, that is to say the words that are “clickable”, have a weight in the eyes of search engines. Thus, we must avoid making a link labeled “click here” but rather emphasize keywords to optimize.

Links anchors improve the positioning of the page related to the keywords in the anchor, even if the linked page does not contain the word in question.

For those interested in a little closer to SEO, they might be able to if on the same page (called A) there are several links to a second page (called B).
While on the set of links to B, there is the anchor of the first link that is included in the algorithm.

It is important to learn to avoid ”
thinking“Improve SEO while in reality it is not.

The idea of the test was broken down into two stages:

The second point to the importance, for I have heard from “specialists”, on specialized forums, they used the NoFollow on the first link in the purpose whatsoever anchor of the second link is taken into account.

To make this text a new web page was created.
I did not quote here because I think the delete.

This page contains two parts, in order to make findings on the Step 1 and 2 of the test.

Once Google visit and have indexed it is possible to do a search on Google for each of the words.

Imagine a concrete case.
A home page of a site that links to articles in deep page. There is a link to the first article “see article” and a description of the item and a second link to the article this time anchor link is optimized.

A lambda SEO would tend to put a NoFollow on the first link (poorly optimized), or according to the findings of this test it can not be provided to improve the positioning of the article vis-a-vis the keywords in anchor.

The right solution is indeed to put the right keywords in the first anchor link.

For my part I learned something with this test.
I hope not to open a door open. If this is the case, please indicate if you already know (and if you have an article link already announced I’m interested).

Finally I would also like to clarify that I can provide the address of the test if it interests you.


We released a slightly more complete test late last week about the order links and nofollow.

The test pages are accessible by cons in order to measure the possible evolution of the results, even though the test itself began in mid April (about 1.5 months).

The test results and pages are available here:


From the comments as well as those that can found in existing forums commenting on this test, other webmasters have made different findings in terms of results.
So do not be be too categorical currently. This especially since Matt Cutts (Google guru communicating) yesterday announced the SMX as treating nofollow was modified following the last change of the algorithm (which contradicts a previous video of him). It certainly say a little more on his blog shortly.

We will conduct our side to an edition of our paper to include links to the results that other webmasters have published, this to allow everyone to dig deeper structure different pages we tested, and identify the reasons for these differences.

It’ll be online interéssant you let your test pages to allow to dissect by making them accessible to all, especially if the results change.
If you do, thank you to keep me informed, then I will complete our product based on your tests and would link to those above to enable all to enjoy.


ps: nofollow on your comments, it is exceeded, it is better to make the selection

even experience (in more detail) and same conclusion, a few days apart:
http://blog.axe-net.fr/ anchor-de-link-nofollow-dofollow test-seo /

It’s good to know.

It’s really fun to see that obviously I’m not the only one to ask me these questions.
And it was strange not to see the same thing. I’m going to read your article to find out more.

Since the test page appears to be important, there are:

Associated Google searches are available on the test page.

It is ironic doublespeak that like Matt Cutts.
Nothing like to create rumors and misinformation.

I would suggest that there is no NoFollow comments on this blog.

See you soon.

@ Funnycat

Obviously, you and I have the same results.

Yes indeed it is obviously the same results.

I took the time to read all the comments on your article and apparently there is only one person who is not the same.
Do you know if he has a particular error?

If I saw the end of your article that you try not to repeat the test keywords in your articles, for my part I have tried to do all the tests on the same domain name like that I can do a more specific search on Google beginning with ” 
site www.infowebmaster.fr “, it has the advantage of avoiding cluestering in the SERP. 🙂

Do not hesitate to stay informed if you are new to the person who does not find the same results as us.

Have a good day, see you soon.


I need to retain especially the right keywords in the anchor and ultimately avoid taking the head with do / no follow

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