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November 21, 2017
Do not use Title 1 in WordPress anymore!
November 21, 2017

WordPress plugins for SEO

WordPress software is very easy to handle tool to create a blog or a website. Basic it is well designed but there is a multitude plugin that can be used to optimize its website. This article plugins that improve the SEO of a site in WordPress.

SEO plugins List

Here is a list of plugins that can improve the ranking of a WordPress blog:

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As I said, this list is not exhaustive and is waiting to be completed by you.
In addition, all plugins are not necessarily essential, some have similar features and more can be achieved through a hack in the WordPress theme.

To you indicate your essential plugins in the comments.

Attention because in this list were some plugins that have not been updated for some time.
I learned my dependent they can generate bugs that one takes time to find (not to mention the security …).

AbcmoteurYes, thank you for this additional information. And which plugins are they? Thank you in advance.

Google positioner and inLinks example.
This is indicated at the top right on WP.org

Abcmoteur : yes it’s true indeed. Thank you for that clarification.

Rather useful, I connaissai most but some were unknown to me, W3 Total Cache in particular that I will hasten to try.
Thank you

Bravo for the article, I discovered a lot of plugin that I did not know before.
To put in bookmarks.

Thank you for this list of wordpress plugins.

As said “Samuel” was back in the bookmarks!

Hello !
First of all thank you for this relatively complete article. I have a few quick questions …

I want a blog on WordPress that I have opened there not long ago.
Previously he was on Canalblog and so I made an import of all my old posts and comments. It took a while to open the new version and therefore there has been a period of one or two weeks during which both blogs were available at the same time with the same messages. I heard of a detection / filtering duplicates by robots SEOs, hence my first question: I trashed my ranking on the new blog? Or is this going you arrange it over time now that the old blog is closed?

Then I did some google research tests, and I realize that most of my articles are not referenced at all, or only available via categories … (google result on link is not done to Article itself but to a category page, like “Film”)

How can I fix it?
I tried to update all my items by changing a few words, tags or categories but I do not know if it will make any difference.

Thank you in advance for your advice

@Maxihicham: Hello.
All comment is interesting but it concerns an issue that is not really related to the article. I invite you to register on the infowebmaster.fr site and leave a message on
SEO forums to have a real discussion about this problem.

First answer: you should leave open the old blog and edit all your articles to link to the new address for each item.
The ideal of course would be to make a permanent redirect the old addresses to the new, but it may be because dur over-blog does not allow it (to my knowledge).


thank you for this article.
I have some questions:

if I use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to my blog, the following plugins are they useful: broken link checker, LJ longtail SEO, redirect, Google positioner?
because the two tools mentioned above do the job.

if I installed All In One SEO Pack, do I have to install Word Press SEO by Yoast offering the same thing (tag management titles, meta description, meta tag)?

Why offer these internal links management plugins: SEO smart links, WordPress PageNavi, inLinks?
if I write my articles by putting internal links correctly, I do not think you need it, right?

For SEO Slug existing URLs with little words will not change, is not it?

Thank you in advance for your answers.



Hello Tony!

I just installed the plugin RSS footer you advocate for the protection of articles, but I do not understand how it works and I have nothing to change in my rss feed.
you must insert a shortcode in the page for this function? or will he only worked on new products?

I await your reply impatiently for e’m harassed by spammers who copy my content.



Thank you ! I was looking for just a plugin to improve internal netlinking. I’ll try the two proposed.


plugin list for WordPress interesting.
I know the most part, but some I did not know were really interesting, I’m going to test it.

I recommend very strongly wordpress seo Yoast is really one of the best plugin which allows to replace several.




Everyone talks about WordPress SEO by Yoast, I’ve tried to use but I do not see how I can deal with it the meta tags and XML sitemap.

thank you

hello, thank you for this article, I just discovered SEO Ultimate is really useful and simple before I was using WordPress SEO by Yoast but the first in my opinion did a good job.

A nice article that rebuke although all (many) plugins that are available to us to do SEO.
Personally, I use mostly the All in one SEO pack! This is the Must Have!

He also Askimet there to prevent spam, CodeStyling Localization to translate parts of your theme and NK Analytics for Google Analytics.

Thank you for this list, I did not know them all, I think I’ll try a few.

Hello !
I arrived a little late and this list is interesting, but do you have a “current” version?

Qu’utilises you today as a dedicated SEO plugin on WordPress?

I just eg Positioner see that Google is no longer maintained for 2 years ….

Thank you in advance


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