How To Create Adsense Account

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October 17, 2019
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How To Create Adsense Account

For many it sounds like real madness, but it is a reality more than palpable. Internet can make us earn money through advertising . Having a website or a YouTube channel, we can link them to the Google ads program to start generating benefits through the impressions and clicks made by users. This network advertising program is called Google Adsense . The procedure to activate this option, although it is something simple, is not usually explained too much. Therefore, we will help you to know how to create Adsense account for websites and for your YouTube channel.

Thus, if you have both or only one of them, at least you can make each visit or vision you receive serve to get some extra income. Step by step, telling each detail and each box to be marked so you don’t get lost in any part of the process.

How to register and set up an account in Google Adsense step by step?

In addition, we will explain the new requirements that YouTube has established for those who want to be part of the creator program that it has, something to which you should add in case you want advertising revenue in your videos. Then we leave you with this little guide . It will be useful to start making the internet bring you a good economic benefit if you want to.

If you have decided to monetize and earn some extra money with your website , you are in luck, in this little tutorial we explain how to be accepted in the famous Google program to include ads in your blog.

Follow the steps described below to be able to open your first Adsense account and thus, start entering by displaying ad units on the different pages of your website, and if you have a YouTube channel and would also like to earn money, more Below we explain how to do it.

 1 – Enter the Google Adsense website

Open your internet browser and in the address bar enter the following URL: . In this way, you will enter the Google Adsense website.

 2 – The registration process begins

Now, on the website where you are, click on the “Register now” button to start the procedure and take your first steps on this platform.

 3 – Enter the first data

The Google Adsense account registration process has begun . What you have to do now is enter the URL of the website you want to link to Adsense to monetize with your advertising (obviously you have to have your own website), in addition to entering an email that, we recommend, belongs to Gmail .

Ultimately, you will also be asked if you want to receive information related to this service in the indicated e-mail. You can choose between yes and no, although it is advisable to do so in the affirmative to have interesting tips that can be quite useful.

Once this is done, click on the “ Save and continue ” button to continue with the process.

 4 – Accept the terms and conditions

Now, Google will give you the option to change the information from the previous step in case of error (for this click on “ Change this information ”). However, to proceed, you must fill in two more fields.

First, select the country or region where you are . Click on the drop-down menu to select it and move on. After this, it is strictly necessary that you check the box accompanied by the text “ Yes, I have read and accept the agreement. ”, Otherwise you will not be able to continue with the procedure.

Now, click on the “Create Account” button.

 5 – Create a payment profile

A pop-up window will appear with some information about what the Google Adsense service offers you . Press “Start” to make it disappear and you can continue moving forward.

Now, you have to specify a series of data to determine the payment address to which Google will allocate the money. If you are a private individual, choose your usual address ( very important since Google will send you via post, a PIN to verify the account ); In case of company, choose the place where the headquarters linked to the web is located.

You will have to establish an account type (individual or company), name and address, zip code, city, province and telephone number to complete this section. If you choose the type of company, you will also have to add the name of the company, whose field appears first.

Fill in all the information and click on “Send” to continue.

 6 – Verify your phone or cell phone

Then, after ” Submit my application ” a new step will appear, it asks us to enter a phone number to verify it. It gives us the option of receiving our code by means of a text message (SMS) or a voice message (recommended via SMS), and then click on « Send verification code

 7 – Use the Google verification code

In order to have your operational account and eligible to receive payments as an editor, it is essential that you verify the account using your phone or cell phone . This code will be provided to you either by voice message or by SMS. You must enter the code sent to you and prove that you are the owner of that property.

Now you will have to wait for the Google team to finish reviewing everything to start seeing the advertising on your website. It is a process that does not take too long, in fact it does not usually last for more than 24 hours . Whatever your delay, you will be notified via email when your account is fully active.

Once the account registration process is finished, we will be redirected to the thank you page for your request to participate in the Adsense program . There are cases in which sometimes, our account is not approved, they will tell us the reasons why they do not accept us and will give us the possibility to make changes.

8 – Ad settings

To view the ads on our website we must follow some more steps. Adsense will show a series of HTML code that you will have to enter in the source code of your website. Copy what appears in the code box and paste it just before the closing tag </head> of your website . If you use WordPress, click on the “ Get help adding AdSense code ” option to find out how to enter it.

This point is vital for Google to introduce advertising on your pages and, in addition, link the benefits to your AdSense account, so it is impossible to ignore it. Once you have done so, check the box “I have pasted the code on my website” and click on the “Done” button .

When your account is fully operational, in the side menu  of the Adsense home page (the drop-down when clicking on the three-line symbol), you can access the ” My ads ” section to see those assets on your page, as well as  “Allow and block ads” to determine the ones you want and the ones you don’t want to appear.

You also have the option to control payments , see how banners work and, ultimately, make more adjustments in the configuration panel, such as creating new display blocks , conducting experiments, controlling the visibility of your ads, blocking certain types of Advertisers according to theme, view your reports and statistics and a long list to control all the main aspects of your new Adsense ads account .

Official Adsense Icon What requirements must I have to open a Google Adsense account?

To open a Google Adsense account you must meet a series of minimum and essential requirements to be detailed below:

  • Having your own web page: without a website, there is no place to place advertising, therefore it is useless to request this service from Google. In addition, it must be your total property, since you will have to edit it to enter the HTML code for the ads to appear.
  • Comply with the Adsense program policies: you cannot click on the ads on your own page, you cannot ask others to click, your content must be within those allowed by Google’s content policies, you must not harbor deceptive experiences or copyrighted material of third parties, in case of having inventory, must be authorized, it is not possible to promote counterfeit products or receive traffic from specific sources.
  • Have a minimum time activity: Google Adsense will not approve your account if the website for which you request it has not been active for a minimum period of 6 months. A margin they consider sufficient to guarantee quality and protect the interests of their advertisers.
  • Being of legal age: indispensable requirement. If you are a minor, you cannot be part of the Adsense program, as stipulated in Google’s terms and conditions.

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