Frequently asked questions – Purchase Adsense Accounts

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 How many days does it takes   for  approving Adsense Account?

 We will get your adsense account approved within  just four to seven days.

 Is the Adsense Account is Organized or Non Organized?

 The account which gets approved will be a non organized account.

 What is the distinction between a Organized and a Non Organized Adsense Account?

 A Organized account allows  you  to  show the ads only on the website which is owned by google, for instance: Youtube . com and Blogger.

 with an organized  account you can earn only 50% of the income which you  had made with these internet sites.

 but by Using a Non Organized Google adsense Account,you can display the ads anywhere on the internet. you can also create a internet site  and put advertisements in your site. You can even place adverts on Youtube . com, Blogger, Doodlekit, and numerous others internet sites. And with a Non Organized Adsense Account you can get 68% of the income which you have earned.

 How you can identify whether the Account is Organised or Non Organized?

 In a Organized Account, while you signed in, on  the left  side of the e mail id  you can see clearly the wording  Organized  begining highlightetd in red colour, so that you can recognize it easily.

 How To  create An  Adsense Account?

 We make your account(s) with only 100% White hatTechniques. We make a website along with 100% original unique content, order a domain name and use original unique content to get the Account approved.

 Is it possible to change Organized Account into Normal Account?

 Of course  we can easily change a Organized Account into a Normal Account.

 Is the Account Pin number Confirmed?

 No Adsense Account will verify the PIN . PIN is verified  when your address is checked out and approved by Google Adsense. In order to get payments by Adsense, you should PIN verify your Adsense Account.

 And The PIN verification must be done by yourself.

 What is  the guarantee, in case if your adsense account gets prohibited?

 We offer Thirty days replacement guarantee, in case your google adsense account gets prohibited, but never in case the prohibit is because of your actions, such as (clicks spamming), robot visitors or towards Terms of service. We will check out the Adsense Prohibit e-mail to  procedure the guarantee.

 How we accept Monthly payment?

 Our company accept transaction through Pay pal, Bank Exchange(for India) and also Western Union for foreign client. If   you have someother questions, that you can’t find here?

 Feel free to contact us today.

 Telephone : +91978254517

 Mail :

 Skype : adsenseapproval4u

 Website: http:// adsenseapproval4u /



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